About me

My name is Ronald Ng'oma


I’m a holder of Malawi School Certificate of Education, I joined the Ministry of Health on april 2000 as a Health Surveillance Assistant and assigned to carry my duties at Levi village and submitting my reports to Khombedza Health Centre under Salima District Health Office. I worked there for 7 years and my work was highly recommended by the Salima D.H.O office but not my immediate boss at Khombedza, that made me move from Khombedza to Sengabay.       

At Khombedza I did much of glass painting but when I moved to sengabay things changed a little bit. But the main aim of moving to Senga bay was to have time for home studies so that to up grade my certificate which I managed. I wanted to get a diploma in Public Health there after a Degree but I’ve failed due to fees required at the college.


I'm working at the Baptist medical Clinic in Sengabay, Salima, I work as a health surveillance assistance, painting is my passion i can't make a living out of it in Malawi but hopefully that is going to change soon!

I'm painting for the Baptist clinic regulairly,  I've done wall paintings in the palliative care unit and painted for the maternity ward, i use my painting for my patients, the paintings hide a message i use them  for health education for the women in the antenatal department, for example birth controll!

I do abstract art (not fine art), plus glass painting and sign writing.  I normally use acrylic water paints, sometimes Winsor and Newton paints plus canavas cloth. Also exterior p.v.a. Sometimes I use plascon paints by Barlow World  from South Africa and artist brushes also from South Africa.



Senga bay and lake Malawi, seen from the top of a hill